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Business Overview

HOEI METAL is involved in the recovery and secondary processing of metal resources such as aluminum produced in the automobile manufacturing process, and the sale of such resources to manufacturers of electric furnaces, blast furnaces, and castings.

Manufacture and sale of molten aluminum

HOEI METAL employs its AL Serve System for vacuum filling and pressure dosing, facilitating stable filling and dosing, and just-in-time delivery.

Molten Aluminum


<Major patents obtained for AL Serve System|

AL Serve System Details

  • Molten metal supply vessel
  • Molten metal supply unit and molten metal supply system
  • Safety devices and molten metal conveyance method
  • Transport vehicle and molten metal supply system
  • Ladle and ladle production method

Recovery, processing and
sale of scrap iron and nonferrous metal

HOEI METAL employs an appropriate sorting process to process material to meet our customer's needs.

Scrap Iron Processing