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Corporate History

May 1971


January 1974

Headquarters relocated.

October 1980

Production of shredded products began.

July 1981

Aluminum refinement started.

July 1987

Molten aluminum production began.

January 1993

Obayashi Plant was established.

March 1993

Briquette production began.

April 1994

Aluminum energy-saving equipment was introduced.

April 1996

Vacuum dezincification equipment was introduced.

March 2001

AL Serve molten metal dosing system was introduced.

August 2003

Hekinan Plant was established.

August 2004

HOEI GROUP obtained international standard, ISO 14001 certification.

February 2006

Hekinan No.2 Plant was established.

April 2008

Akashi Plant and Technology Center were established.

May 2008

Vacuum dezincification equipment No. 2 was introduced.

January 2009

The operation of aluminum 20 ton melting furnace commenced at headquarters. (Reverberatory furnace was modified.)

January 2009

Aluminum 20 ton furnace, Zmag, was introduced at headquarters.

October 2010

The operation of aluminum immersion heater began at headquarters.

May 2011

The company celebrated its 40th anniversary

January 2013

The operation of aluminum immersion heater began in Hekinan.